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Capricorn Full Moon: The Axis of Responsibility

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How this Capricorn Moon Native Experiences the Capricorn Full Moon The Sun. The Moon. The Head. The Heart. Cancer. Capricorn. Opposition. The Full Moon The Full Moon is a time when the Sun and Moon are in opposition, with the Earth in between. The Moon brilliantly reflects the light of the Sun and we see her in all her luminescent…

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Grabbing Life by the Balls, One Chakra at a Time (Part I)

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Ok, maybe life doesn’t actually have “balls” per se, but you get it, right? Chakras were first documented in the the Vedas thousands of years ago. Today, Chakras are a well-known term, thanks to yoga, Ayurvedic medicine and New Age crazies such as myself. However, the concept of Chakras has been twisted and compromised in so many ways – kind…

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Gemini New Moon: Welcome to the Real World

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New Moon in Gemini June 16, 2015 The New Moon: A time of introspection, and the beginning of the next moon cycle. The Sun and the Moon are conjunct in Gemini, meaning they are perfectly lined up with the Moon in front of the Sun, causing the Moon to appear dark. The darkness of the Moon signifies a blank slate….

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What is Astrology? (Mary Jo’s Interpretation)

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Astrology is a belief system that rests on the line between science and faith. When a belief is solely based on faith, there is nothing visible or tangible to prove its existence. The major religions that I know of are largely faith-based. (Please keep in mind that this was not written to discount religion by any means!) The effects of…

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The Astrology Analogy: What IS Astrology?

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The Astrology Analogy Astrology tells a story. You are the “who,” the planet is the “what,” the transit is the “when,” the sign is the “how,” the house is the “where,” and the aspects answer “why.” Astrology is a language. The planets are the nouns, the signs are the adjectives, the houses are the adverbs, the aspects are the lines…

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REvisiting Ophiuchus: What IS the zodiac?

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The #DecodingTheAll Mercury REtrograde series REvisiting Ophiuchus, Part I: What IS the zodiac? “Hello, people, 364.25 days equals one year!” “Um, NO, stupid! There are 52 WEEKS in a year!” “Ugh. Are you blind? A year is 12 MONTHS!” “You must be delusional. Everyone knows a year has THREE seasons.” “Dude. Guys. It’s only ONE year at a time. And…

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My 12th House, Part I: Sun

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When I first started studying Astrology, the 12th house was a soft spot for me. I especially wanted to learn all about it because of my Sun, Moon, Mercury and North Node all sitting pretty in the 12th in Aries and Taurus. I went to multiple bookstores and found books from Traditional astrologers in which the 12th house was described in…

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Sagittarius Full Moon: The Good, the Bad, & the Real

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Cheers to the Full Moon! On the one side, we have the Sun, Mars, and Mercury (Retrograde) in Gemini. On the opposite, we find the Moon in Sagittarius, floating through the mystical constellation of Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer. The Moon Dynamics The Full Moon is in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius at 12 degrees. Sagittarius is the stage of rebirth…

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The Planets in the 10th House

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These are the descriptions for those of us with Planets in the 10th/Tenth House! If you do not have a planet in your 10th House, look for the description of the sign that cusps your 10th house, in the links below. Click Here for the Introduction to the 10th House/Midheaven. Click Here for the Signs cusping your 10th House/Midheaven. Sun in…

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