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Mercury Retrograde + Capricorn Moon: Revisiting Religion

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The #DecodingTheAll Mercury REtrograde series Mercury Retrograde and the Capricorn Moon: Revisiting Religion The prefix “RE” means “to do over,” so the overall theme of REtrograde is REvisiting. Old RElationships pop up. The dust we’ve swept under the rug starts to get lumpy. Lessons we thought we learned come a-knocking to see if we’ve REally moved past them. Right on…

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Introduction to the 10th House/Midheaven

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The 10th House in your Birth Chart represents your fame, career, purpose, ego-conscious, and public persona/image. Other fun keywords are: notoriety, government, occupation, ambition, military, authority figures, goals, status, honor, profession, life direction, and achievement. I personally spent a lot of time stalking my friends on Facebook and found out they actually portray more of their Midheaven/10th House online and…

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The Signs in the 10th House

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The Tenth House, AKA the glorious Midheaven of everyone’s fame dreams. Click Here for the Introduction to the 10th House/Midheaven Stay tuned for Planets in the 10th. Find your Birth Chart. Midheaven in Aries/Aries in the 10th: Aries is ruled by Mars, and the ruler of the 1st House of Your Identity. This video is pretty long, so to sum…

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How to Lose a Guy (based on his Sun sign)

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  Have you ever wanted things to end with a guy, but you wanted to manipulate the situation so that it was his idea to do so? Well, with my knowledge of Astrology, paired with my vast dating history (might as well call me T Swift), I’m here to help! Here are ideas on how to act if you want…

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Crystals and the Planets

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Age of Eleven Gateway Courses Crystals 101 Class 5: Crystals and the Planets The planets are massive, heavenly rocks that influence our bodies here on Earth. Crystals are massive, inner-earth rocks and can also influence our bodies here on the surface. “As above, so below” is a universal law, and as such, the beautiful crystals that form below us also correspond…

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Mercury Retrograde: An Overview

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Whether you are a fan of Katy Perry or prefer to read the Farmers Almanac, it’s pretty hard to avoid a casual reference to Mercury Retrograde, at this moment in time. It just shows us how mainstream Astrology has become, how much less ridiculous we sound when we discuss it, and how many more people believe in the effects of the…

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