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Happy Birthday, Sagittarius!

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Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, your optimism aids you in being the kind of person who successfully continues to achieve your ever-expanding goals. Your positive energy and attitude motivate others to see the bright side of life. You have an innovative mind and come up with new ways to make any situation interesting. Your charm does…

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The 11/11 Scorpio New Moon – the Power of Perspective

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Cheerz to the 11/11 Scorpio New Moon! The 11 gateway is quite auspicious, and I’ve used that energy signature to give birth to so many magical things. This is why my lifestyle brand company is the Age of Eleven. 11/11 is probably the perfect day of the year for entering a new portal and gateway to a new dimension of your…

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What is a Soulmate?

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Soulmates are often referred to as “The One.” The person you marry, make babies with and spend the rest of your life with. The stereotypical idea of a soulmate is one who finishes your sentences, and the person who calls you at the same time you are calling him/her. Although the amount of people one can do this with is a…

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Venus in Virgo Transit

Transit Venus in Virgo: October 8-November 8, 2015

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The planet Venus was named after the Roman Goddess (Venus) of love, beauty and desire. The planet Venus represents just that, as well as money, values and the way we express pleasure. Venus’ location in the natal chart reveals how the native approaches personal relationships and physical comfort. The Venus glyph ♀ joins a circle and a cross, which balances identity and higher knowledge, respectively. Venus’…

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Career Paths Indicated by the Midheaven: Libra-Pisces

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The Midheaven (indicated by “MC” on an astrology chart) is a point in the ecliptic system that makes one of the major important angles in a birth chart. Its astrological sign is determined by which sign was at the southern highest point above the horizon and the time and place of reference. The Midheaven, and the planetary aspects made to…

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