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"Alyssa helped me connect many of the dots in my life and my relationships. Her way of explaining was caring, relatable and enlightening. If there is one Astrologer I would recommend to everyone, it's Alyssa. She is the real deal, bitches."

− Chris Crocker, YouTube Viral Sensation + Singer/Songwriter

"Astrology is in Alyssa’s bones."

− Debra Silverman, MA Astrologer + Psychologist

"This is not a normal reading, it is a very special one. I have done many readings with (various) professional astrologers, but nobody has even come close to having Alyssa’s gift. She clearly has something special and beyond astrology, and I think people need her."

− Faysal Al-Saud, HRH

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Venus in the Zodiac Signs

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Venus in the Zodiac Signs By mizChartreuse – The Age of Eleven Do you feel magnetic in love? Blocked in love? Practical? Sacrificing? Secretive? All of this would be indicated in your astrological birth chart, so it is beneficial to understand Venus in the zodiac signs. As Valentine’s Day approaches, love (and the abundance, or the lack of it) is…

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Jupiter Retrograde 2016 Horoscopes

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Jupiter, the planet of luck, expansion and optimism – began its retrograde phase on January 7, 2016 and will go direct on May 9, 2016. When a planet is in retrograde, it appears to be moving backwards. This influences us to access this planet’s energies in a more introverted manner that many of us may not be completely comfortable with. The retrograde…

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Kaali: Asteroid of Empowerment

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Asteroid Name: Kaali Named After: The Hindu Goddess of Time and Empowerment Asteroid #: 4227 (type it in in the additional asteroid section in If Pluto is the masculine, physical destruction and transformation, Kaali is the female, emotional/mental destruction, manipulation, and mind control. Pluto is obvious control, Kaali is psychological influence.  Kaali is one bad bitch. A woman that I’ve met…

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